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Holistic Learning Features & Facilities

Modern methods of interactive teaching with Tabs, Audio, Visual e-learning equipment. • Neat and clean hygienic A.C class rooms. • Field trips to parks, zoo, post office, vegetable & fruit markets and nursery gardens. • Unique library with extensive collection of books of encyclopedia • Continuous parent-teacher interaction • Healthy teacher-student ratio • Day care facilities

Facts of Brain Power of Kids

•Brain power is the core control and command which determinate the person’s present and future possibilities. The school utilizing the proven research studies that the first six years of life are crucial to the emotional and intellectual development of a child. During these early years, 90% of brain growth is completed which can contain 125 trillion facts. Encyclopedia Britannica contains 12500 million facts: 10000 times of it is the capacity of any child’s brain. According to these facts of brain power, the knowledge acquired by the child in first 6 years, help them to remember for life time.

Art and Craft Activities

Kids love doing a variety of arts and crafts as an outlet to be creative and have some fun! Little do they know that it is so good for their development as well! • Bilateral Coordination • Self Regulation • Self-esteem booster • Bonding and fun

Mission and Vision


The Vision

Dictionary  Kids (Discovery kids) Visakhapatnam aims is "to be the most admired preschool in visakhapatnam" 

The Mission

“Nurture love for learning to give your child freedom to explore life truly and evolve a unique system of learning for children with an eclectic approach selecting the best from the renowned and established systems to make true global citizens."

  • To provide learning fun & purposeful to build kid’s confidence and positive thinking.
  • To activate kids natural intelligence and memory through innovative Inspiration & motivation.
  • Discovery Kids focus on holistic development and thinking power of kids by innovation. We develop confidence in children by constant motivation.
  • To bring out a very happy & playful child with an intimate bond between mother, father and child.

“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six.”






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