About Dictionary Kids

Dictionary Kids Previously known as Discovery Kids a play school was launched in 2007 with an aim to nurture love for learning in the kids.  As a corporate group, under the experienced leadership of Ms. Ghousia Begum with existing dedicated interests in Early Child Education & Development. With its vast & rich experience, this group has formulated a strategy for future growth of this young edifice of education by entering into the pre-primary education and launching Dictionary Kids play school. Dictionary Kids cater to the educational and upbringing needs of children between 1-6 years.

We researched into the realm of preschool education and realised that it is necessary to provide a resourceful and effective platform to ascertain and develop the inherent but undeveloped talent that was hidden within each child. This is why we took it upon ourselves to create a Pre-primary education system that was capable of assessing and developing the academic, physical, Spiritual, emotional and cognitive skills of a child.

Dictionary Kids being the most prominent names in preschool educators, it had been serving the young minds aged between 01-05 years since 2007. It is a matter of pride for us that the students & the parents associated with us not only appreciates us but they also keep inspiring us to bring more innovation in the playschool education. We are determined to make the best of preschool education available in the darkest corner of the society. We strive to become a school with the best facilities & academics that offers education to everyone.

In the success journey so far, we have made several achievements but to mention a few, we have been able to map content of our syllabus into e-learning interactive modules, which renders the smart class across Dictionary Kids and in-depth learning & virtual experiences.

After giving the best foundation and start-up at Dictionary Kids our students get the best formal school learning in JM’s International Schools.  We aim to reach and fulfil the growing educational needs of the country by facilitating everyone with the international educational infrastructure & curriculum. We will keep bringing innovations that will always make learning more fun, quicker & will help us raise good individuals enriched with life skills.


Children: High achievers in the outer world, sure winners in the inner world. Children learn what they live